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Asus router setup via router.asus.com

Asus routers are the outstanding dual-band Wi-Fi router that not only supports a double gaming boost that contains the latest 802.11ac 4*4 technology but also serves the facility to support several numbers of devices to reliably connect to every client at the given speed. Moreover, router.asus.com  is a web platform in order to access the Asus router setup as well as the login page. These routers can easily provide the bandwidth for all the transition and gaming routers, including  PC to mobile phones as well as carry the capacity to flexibly support every version of the existing operating system.  If you recently purchased a new Asus router and want to set up , hence we are going to share the information regarding the same. Fortunately, there are 2 ways that help to perform the Asus router.asus.com or http://www.router.asus.com setup. They are:-
  1. Using a Wired connection
  2. Using a Wireless connection

Asus router set up through the wireless connection (router.asus.com)

  1. To perform the wireless setup, initially one needs to turn on the Asus router and also switch on the modem available. 
  2. Start establishing a wireless connection between the modem (present) to the Asus Wi-Fi router, using an Ethernet cable with respect to attaching the router to the WAN port available. 
  3. Once you create the wireless connection, locate the default wireless settings SSID along with the security key available in your router. 

Consequently, to configure the wireless setting of your Asus router put the www.router.asus.com URL in the address bar of your chosen internet browser.

Tips while performing the Asus router setup

While setting up your Asus router i.e. Asus Wi-Fi router or Asus gaming router, there are some essential tips that should be kept in mind for placing your Asus router. The essentials tips include:-

  1. Position your asus.com in the Centre of the house. The following tips will help the user to perform maximum wireless coverage.
  2. Avoid placing the Asus router around metal objects because sometimes it interferes with the disturbing signal.
  3. Avoid keeping your router in contact with the direct sunlight as the overheating will harm the router.
  4. The users must be aware, to connect and orient all the included 4 detachable antennas into all directions so that they will easily receive the excellent signals in all directions without facing any troubleshooting.

Asus router setup using a wired connection (router.asus.com)

In order to set up your Asus Wi-Fi router or Asus gaming router through a wired connection, the users are suggested to take the help of an Ethernet cable.

  1. In the first and foremost step, the user prompted to connect the Asus Wi-Fi router to any of the power source outlets by establishing the wired connection and an attached power adapter to the power plug.
  2. By using an Ethernet cable (wired connection), start making connections among the modem and the Asus asus.com.
  3. After that, turn on your available modem only after making the proper and strong connection.
  4. Now, take another end of an available Ethernet cable and connect it to the Asus dual-band Wi-Fi router.
  5. In the last, but not least the user needs to keep an eye for the current status of LED lights flashes on the given router, for assuring the stable and proper connections.

Meanwhile, make sure that both the WAN, LAN, and the LED lights of the Asus router are flashing or not.

Log in to your Asus router

After completing the Asus router set up procedure, the next move is to log in to your Asus router by configuring the router.asus.com log in page. It includes the following steps:-

  1. Power on your router and make sure already, you have established a reliable connection. Fortunately, there are 2 ways to build a connection i.e. Connect via LAN or wirelessly.
  2. After creating a proper connection, configure the Asus router GUI (graphical user interface). To perform, one may need to initiate a web platform by entering router.asus.com or to start the Asus router login process.
  3. Moreover, when you are able to see the login screen prompted to enter the required details in the username field and password field, then fill the correct details for the respective field.
  4. Provide the correct default login details as admin for username field and for the password,  to set a password. Click on the Next option to re-confirm the new password. 

So, this is how one can log in to your Asus router in a hassle-free manner.


How to update the firmware for your Asus routers through router.asus.com or https://router.asus.com?

Asus routers are responsible for providing an extreme level of Wi-Fi connection to your entire home. These Asus routers not only provide excellent lightning-fast speed but also these routers are also helpful for giving sustainable security to your preferred location. The user can easily interact with the graphical user interface only by mentioning www.router.asus.com URL in the address bar of your preferred internet browser.

Besides that, due to embedded Asus router firmware in your Asus router, the user can smartly control the functionality as well as enhance the working level of their routers.

Steps to update the Asus router firmware via router.asus.com

It includes the following essential steps which definitely help the users to update your Asus firmware via www.router.asus.com. Steps to be followed are:-

  1. Before the users move to interact with the graphical user interface, ensure that you have already downloaded the latest firmware file from the Asus Support Center. The downloaded firmware file should be in zip format.
  2. Once the users are done with the installation process, then the next step is to unzip the downloaded update file.  Note:- It should be noted that the extracted file is much easier to access rather as compared to a zip file.
  3. Now, tap on the icon of the preferred internet browser icon on your desktop.
  4. Put router.asus.com address in the browser’s address bar. In case, if the provided web address fails, then once can access by using default IP address
  5. However, the moment the user will hit the Enter button, an Asus router login page will immediately flash on the window screen.
  6. Through the Asus router login page, select Drivers and Tools option. After that click on the Device discovery tool and finally, the user will be able to view the highlighted download tab on the window screen.
  7. In this step, go to the system and choose the download firmware update file. As soon as the user Select the firmware file and click on the open tab.
  8. Thus, the Asus router installation firmware procedure is successfully completed with the help of the installation wizard.

Move to the next step, when the user is done with the installation process, click on the Tool icon to view the IP address of your router.asus.com.

Firmware updates are considered to be a very essential part in order to receive the outstanding performance level of your Asus router.  The above method we have discussed in the above section is the most simple method and easy way to update the Asus router firmware.

On the other side, we can also update our Asus routers automatically. It can only be possible by clicking on the automatic future updates option while setting up your Asus router through the Asus application.

Troubleshoot the Asus Router Issues

There is no doubt about the fluent performance of the Asus router. But sometimes it may not work due to  some common issues such as:

  1. Cloning of MAC address
  2. router.asus.com not working
  3. Conflict of IP address
  4. Cable Connection Problem
  5. www.router.com gives an error.
  6. Internet Service Provide issues


These few problems might interrupt your smooth going life and make you think of Asus router not Working problems. By this article we will tell you some easy ways to resolve common issues that you might face with your Asus router.


Troubleshoot Asus router IP Conflict issues via www.router.asus.com :-

This problem may arise if your Asus router and Modem belong to the same class. If yes, you must check their IP addresses to prevent Asus router IP conflict because their IP addresses might conflict with each other and hence the router won’t work.
In this scenario, all you have to do is follow the below given instructions:

• On your computer open the web browser and type www.router.asus.com or its IP address in the URL.
• Press Ok
• It will prompt to the Login Page. Enter the username and password, once done press Login.
• From the Menu bar choose LAN.
• You will see the IP address there, replace the IP with and also its subnet mask with
• Press Apply and then OK.

How to Access Asus Router GUI (ASUSWRT)?

Before we tell you how to enter Asus router web GUI, please ensure to turn ON the router and its LED light is on and stable. Connect your computer to the router either wired or wirelessly.

  1. Open any web browser and enter asus.com or its LAN IP address in the URL/ address bar.
  2. It will prompt to the Login Page. Enter the username and password, once done press Login. ( Asus router default username and password is admin)

Note: Do not confuse between asus router login credentials and SSID and password. The SSID and its password is used while connecting your device wirelessly to the router.

  1. Once logged in, you are now accessing the Web GUI of asus router and use it to configure the settings of your ASUS Wireless Router.

Asus Router Stopped Working or blinking orange light

See below some easy steps to Fix Asus Router issues at your home. Follow each and every step and do not miss any step for successful resolution:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to power OFF your Asus router before troubleshooting the Asus router issues. Wait for 1 minute and then turn it ON again.
  2. Then check whether the cable is connected joining the modem and the router. You need to ensure that your router is connected to the modem and internet services are active by your ISP.
  3. How to check the active Internet connection? To check the internet connection, connect your modem directly to computer/ PC and simply start surfing the internet.
  4. If you are not able to access the internet, the issue might be with your ISP. Don’t waste anymore time to fix Asus router not working issues, get on a call with your ISP and ask for assistance.

Common Issues and their troubleshooting steps to fix Asus router issues without router.asus.com

Cable Connection Issue :-

Ethernet cable joins the Asus router to the modem. It works as the only communication mode between the router and modem to stay connected.

If the ethernet cable is at fault, it may definitely affect the connection between the router and modem. As a result, you might think of Asus router not Working problem because failed connection gives you blinking orange light.

To resolve this issue, you need to get yourself a new ethernet cable to form a connection between asus router and modem.

If the problem gets resolved after replacing the ethernet cable and Asus router starts working fine then it makes sure that the problem was in the ethernet cable.

But somehow let’s suppose your Asus router is not working, the problem can be complicated. So below are some more issues and their troubleshooting steps are mentioned for your ease.

Router Overheating Issue :-

Due to continuous use of the router it may overheat and you may experience abruptions in its functioning. Do you remember when you last shut down your Asus wireless router? Any slight idea? The Asus router stopped working due to overheating.

To resolve this problem there is no rocket science but simply you just have to turn OFF your Asus router and then turn it ON in the interval of 1 minute.

You may prevent router overheating issues by turning it OFF when not in use.

Read further if the issue is still not resolved.

Common Issues

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