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Asus Router Login needs to set up a VPN in your WIFI router. You can learn more about your ISP’s protocol settings using this VPN protocol. You just need to use your existing login network configurations. Must know how to log in to your WIFI router using default login credentials.

Since it works when you forget the password and SSID. It also works when you reset your WIFI router to its factory default settings. A factory default settings are required due to some internal errors and faults. It depends on the configuration of your WIFI network. You can also select a variety of Router Asus brands. Each will serve its specialized niche and characteristics.

Therefore, Asus routers are one of the most popular brands. Among WIFI routers, Asus is highly reliable. Because of its extremely user-friendly nature, users can easily operate these routers. Follow the Asus router login process using the default login console and settings. You can even perform it without any technical knowledge.

Asus router login steps with default credentials

You need to ensure the default connection using LAN slots or wirelessly.

When your router is powered on. Make sure that your Asus router is connected to an internet-enabled device. For the further configuration process, you should connect the router to a device. Like a computer or a tablet. This will allow you to start the ASUS router login and access process with its GUI seamlessly.

There are two methods to do so: 

1. Connect Via LAN & WAN Ports

This can be performed by connecting an Ethernet cable between the

LAN ports of your ASUS router and computer. This method is not possible to use through the connectivity of your mobile or tablet as they do not typically have any Ethernet ports. 

2. Connect Wirelessly via Mobile device

In this method, you are required to access your internet connection using the internet icon. The icon is placed on the bottom right of your computer. Click on the “WIFI” icon to connect to your Router Wirelessly. Simply select your network from the list of connections. And then enter your ASUS login credentials, i.e., the SSID username and the password. 

Asus router login steps on a mobile device

  1. When you select the username, then connect to your router’s network. Launch a web browser on your mobile device.
  2. Enter the login credential and hit the enter key. The user name is admin and the password is the password for all your Asus routers by default. Asus router login page
  3. If you are not able to connect via your mobile device, then toggle the drop-down Settings and press the “Wi-Fi” option. In this way, you can unlock the list of available WIFI connections. 
  4. Locate your internet connection powered by the ASUS Router. And then enter the default user credentials to connect to your WIFI network.
  5. ASUS Router Login with the IP Address or via a web browser is possible only if the device is connected to your WIFI network. 
  6. Only then you will be able to access the ASUS router default web GUI. To accomplish this entire process, first, initiate a web browser as a program. 
  7. Tap or click on the address bar of the browser. The Next process is to enter the default IP address, i.e.,
  8. This will help to initiate the process of ASUS router login. If the IP address does not work, then you can go to or
  9. Select the exact model number of your Asus router from the list. At this stage of Asus router login and access, you will see a default login screen.
  10. The screen will ask you to enter the default admin credentials, i.e., the SSID and the password. 

The login credentials will allow you to proceed further and access the Asus router basic home page. For the users who are doing login for the first time, the default username will be Admin. You will have to set a strong password with yourself. After that, reconfirm the password by clicking the Next key.

Asus router login using LAN & WAN ports

  1. Turn on the Router Asus and your ADSL modem. After that, you can proceed with how to access my Asus router using WAN and LAN ports.
  2. Connect the WAN port of your ADSL modem to the WAN port of the Asus router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Now, the router will be connected to the computer. Here you will use the LAN port of your router and the LAN of your computer. Again use an Ethernet cable.
  4. Verify the internet and then open up the browser of your choice. You can even open a default web browser.
  5. Navigate the address bar of the browser using the default IP address of your Asus router login page. If it does not work, then try to log in with the web portal.
  6. Next, you will find a login window. On this page, enter the entire default login details.
  7. The username ADMIN is the universally used default SSID. Here in the Asus router login case, Admin is the password also.
  8. Click the sign-in button. When you get the Router Asus login administrative interface page, click on the ‘Administrative’ tab.
  9. Next, you need to select the ‘System’ tab. Tap the Yes radio button to enable ‘Web Access Services’ from the WAN.
  10. Enter 8443 as a default port in the “https port of the web URL field. On the following prompts, click the Apply button to save the settings.

You can now access your Asus router remotely even using another device on this configured settings. To remotely view the entire settings on your Asus router, contact our technical support team. They are always in a hurry to serve you with the best services. You leave a message from the comment section at the bottom right corner of this page.

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