Asus router setup and configuration

Before we initiate the ASUS router setup and login process, it is better to know about your Asus router’s performance. Asus is the world’s best and top functioning router. You can see a lot of WIFI routers in the current scenario. But Asus is the WIFI wireless router that comes with so many processors. It provides Broadcom chipsets. It also has the fastest processor in the universe that possesses more memory than other routers available in the market. Asus has brought a series of network routers. All of them can compete with other brands of networking products, like Linksys and TP-Link. The firmware, inbuilt in your Asus WIFI router, is full of various features. As compared to other of its competitors, Asus is best. 

What is the Asus router login?

The users need the Asus router login through the web browser. Use the browser available on your mobile or computer device. The owners of Asus routers should have one of the biggest concerns to secure their home network, identity, and password. There are so many issues and pity errors, come in front of us when we step ahead to set up and configure the router. 

  • can create an easy way to access and control your network. 
  • You can visit the management page of your router without any errors and trouble. 
  • needs to be approached through a standard web directory. 
  • Do you wish to configure the router with a wireless connection? 
  • To access your Asus router login page via WIFI, use your mobile phone.
  • But if you want to access with your computer. 
  • Then it is better to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the router. 
  • The web browser is the Basic and essential priority for the ASUS router login. 
  • Just enter the in the Addy of your browser.
  • And then, go and enter to get the Asus router setup page.

Steps for the Asus router setup 

When we first purchase a router, it is not secure unless you make a few changes. Make some changes in the default configuration of the router. The changes you did, needed to be passed through the Asus router setup and installation process. Perform it from the beginning to the end of the process. The following guide is going to suggest the way to set up and install your router.

  1. The core of action required from your side is to get an Ethernet cable. Although one of the Ethernet cables you will be having in the package of the product. You need to buy the other one. 
  • Take an end of this Ethernet cable and plug it into the internet port of the router. This internet port is available at the back of the router. 
  • The leftover end will go into the internet port or the WAN of the modem. Now take the other Ethernet cable and hook it with the LAN of the router. Use whichever you find convenient. 
  • The other end of this second Ethernet cable goes into the LAN of the device. You will use it to configure the router. LAN ports are available in yellow colour. 
  • Turn on the router using the power adapter. Plug the adapter into the power slot of the router. And then take it up to the electric outlet of your home. 
  • It should be the central location of your house. The LED of the router shall flash to solid white. Otherwise, you need to press the power button just beside the power slot.
  • Now turn on the modem also. Plug the powerline adapter which you might have got for the modem. Hook the power cable of the modem to the power slot, and turn the modem power. 
  • The ring LED of the modem must flash solid, whatever the colour would be. Launch the web internet directory from the device that you have connected to your Asus router setup. 
  • Go to the search bar of the router, and type or and click ok. Now you will achieve the login window.
  1. If the web domain fails to accomplish the login window. Then you should get the IP address of the router that is 
  1. And type then click log in if you have found the Asus router login page. Then go towards the setting and advanced setting section.
  1. On the login page, it is a must to give some details about the user name and password of the router. 

The default user name is ADMIN. And the default password is either password or admin. Now you have accessed the configuration page of the router. 

Asus Router Login Credentials change

1. Asus Router Password and SSID change

When the user achieves the configuration page of their Asus WIFI router. Then they are required to reset the username and password from the actual credential to something unique and personal. From the configuration page of your Asus WIFI mesh router, jump on to the “Administration” section. From your Menu, go to the Advanced Settings panel of your router. 

  • Now, click the next option that is the “System” tab. Here you can easily change the login credentials of your router. 
  • There you would also find the option to change the SSID or so-called “Username” of your router.
  • Change the SSID first, then type the default username and password of your router. The password must be typed twice to avoid mistakes and fill in the correct password. 
  • Do not forget to mention the password and the SSID in some secrete place of your home. It will require for the ASUS router login purpose.  
  • Tap APPLY to save the settings of your router. 
  • The default username and password that we are using for the Asus router setup process are not the username and password to get connected to your Asus router wirelessly. 

2. Asus Router SSID/Username change

It becomes essential to change the username or the SSID of your router after login. Modify the Asus router login password as soon as possible. It is the WIFI name require at the time of login. You see it in the list while searching for the WIFI network in your home from the other wirelessly connected devices.

  • When you find that you have successfully logged in to the configuration page of your Asus router. Then you can get the login details from the right panel.
  • Under the section of wireless name/SSID, key in the new network name for your router.
  • Type the name that you could not find near your area. It should not match with the other WIFI network. Otherwise, it can create a lot of confusion for you.
  • The SSID is required to be set for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless bands.
  • It is your choice that you want to keep a different name or the same user name for both the WIFI bands.

Now, click Apply to save the settings and the changes made by you during the whole process. A different SSID helps to identify your wifi network from the crowd of other nearby WIFI names and the networks. If you require any help, contact our customer service care experts.

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