Asus router setup and configuration

Before we initiate the ASUS router setup and login process, it is better to know about your Asus router’s performance. Asus is the world’s best and top functioning router. You can see a lot of WIFI routers in the current scenario. But Asus is the WIFI wireless router that comes with so many processors. It […]

Asus Default Login:

Asus Router Login needs to set up a VPN in your WIFI router. You can learn more about your ISP’s protocol settings using this VPN protocol. You just need to use your existing login network configurations. Must know how to log in to your WIFI router using default login credentials. Since it works when […]


Same as other Asus routers Asus Rog Rapture GT-AC2900 is also their setup Wizard for easy setup of new network connectivity and add this solution to Asus Aimesh setup through advanced setting option. ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AC2900 is having a new Geo force feature that you can easily add to your Asus router feature by […]

How to update ASUS router or range extender firmware?

It’s essential to get update your firmware software of Asus router or Asus extender because most of the time network connectivity get failed because of outdated firmware software. Follow these steps to update your Asus router and extender: First of all, check your Asus router model number and on browser go to link and check the […]

How do I fix my ASUS router problem?

Asus router is one of the best brands in routers, but most of the time the users of Asus router face these common issues and get worried, but I want to let you know that there is no fear of getting worried about Asus router issues. Let’s go through the troubleshooting solution of Asus routers, […]

How do I access the Asus Router Login Page?

The Asus Router Login page is the foremost step to get access to your Asus Router configuration settings. You can make changes to the configuration settings only after Login Asus Router. Although accessing the Asus Router Login Page is not a very tough task but some people may experience difficulties while performing Login. The faults […]