Asus router is one of the best brands in routers, but most of the time the users of Asus router face these common issues and get worried, but I want to let you know that there is no fear of getting worried about Asus router issues.

Let’s go through the troubleshooting solution of Asus routers, First, let’s go through the issues we face while using the Asus routers:

Let’s discuss how to fix issues of Asus router:

If your system shows that your Wi-Fi is connected and when you go to browse any site the message will display: internet not accessed. In that case, you just have to turn off your system and try to leave it for a couple of minutes and then turn it on and wait till the internet gets connected properly.

Check it out the all cable connected to your device and with your Asus router are well connected or not, or else connect it properly

Disconnect the power cable of the modem and Asus router and left them for 20-30 minutes. Wait till the router gets cool. After that properly connect them and turn on the power.

Disconnect your Asus router from the modem and now, turn off your router. After that connect your device with the modem directly. Now, restart your modem and device wait for a couple of seconds then check the internet connectivity.

If the internet gets accessed then there is an issue in the router not in the modem.

  1. Connect your device with an Asus router through an ethernet cable or in wireless mode
  2. Open the web interface and enter domain: or default IP address of Asus router
  3. Then that link will redirect you to the Asus router login page, there you just have to enter the Asus router default password and username and press Enter
  4. That will redirect you to the Asus router setup page
  5. There you can easily access all settings and update firmware software easily
  1. You just have to use a paperclip and find the Asus router reset button
  2. That reset button is located at the side part, backside front top side of the Asus router 
  3. You just have to hold that button with a paper clip for a couple of seconds and once the LED light of the router turns off 
  4. Then your Asus router will automatically get reset
  5. After the completion of the Asus router reset process, you can easily access your router with default Asus router login details
  6. Open your browser and enter domain: or Ip address
  7. Hit Enter
  8. You will redirect to the Asus router login page 
  9. Enter the default username and password
  10. You will easily get accessed the Asus router setup
  11. Go to restore and save all the upload customized settings
  12. After that click on restore
  13. then click ok

How do I fix my Wi-Fi router from disconnecting?

Follow these steps to get connected with the Asus router :

Make sure your Asus router firmware should be updated if not then use ASUSWRT to update your firmware driver or else update that with manual steps:

  1. Open browser > enter domain : or ip address 
  2. Then redirect to Asus router login page
  3. Enter the Asus router default password and username and press enter
  4. Get redirect to Asus router setup page
  5. There you can easily update your firmware driver

There are chances of your Asus router’s channel bandwidth may affect your wireless internet speed performance and stability of the signal. if we enable the bandwidth in default mode then the Asus router will automatically handle the channel bandwidth.

  1. Follow all steps mentioned in the firmware update
  2. After getting redirect to the Asus router setup page
  3. Goto Wireless setting > general> select band(2.4Ghz/5 Ghz) > Channel Bandwidth
  4. And set all bandwidth in default mode
  1. After getting redirect to Asus router setup page
  2. Go to Wireless setting> General > select the band(2.4/5)GHz
  3. Click on the Control channel
  4. Change them into Default or Auto mode
  5. After customize, all bands click on Apply then save

These all methods will help you out to get proper connectivity of internet. So, through this article you get acknowledge about How do I fix my ASUS router problem? How do I fix my Wi-Fi router from disconnecting? Still want to know more about Asus router then visit:

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