It’s essential to get update your firmware software of Asus router or Asus extender because most of the time network connectivity get failed because of outdated firmware software.

Follow these steps to update your Asus router and extender:

2. Find the IP address of your computer device

For Windows Users follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Asus Support Official site:
  2. Find “Driver and Tools” on the support page and click on it
  3. Now, select: Asus Device Recovery” and the latest firmware download that 
  4. Now, Extract that zip file, You will find the discovery.exe file
  5. Run that Discovery.exe file. Follow all instruction of Installationsheild Wizard and get complete all installation process
  6. After the completion of the installation, click on the icon to get your device Ip address.

For MAC users:

  1. Follow the given link and download that application in your MAC device:
  2. After completion of the download and installation process, you will get an icon on your system
  3. Click on that icon and get the IP address of your system

For Android Users:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the Asus device discovery or follow the link which redirects you to the play store
  2. You can directly download that application:
  3. Now, Launch your App and complete the installation if face any issue while installation then go through
  4. Now, Refresh the Application at the left corner you will get the IP address

For IOS users

  1. Go through the App via directly from going to Apple play store > Enter Asus Device Discovery
  2. Or else follow the link and get redirect to that page:
  3. After completion of Download and Installation refresh your application
  4. You will get your IP address.

Upload your firmware file to your device

Note: The default username and password are not the same as the SSID name and password of your Asus Wi-Fi router. 

Note: If you forgot your Asus router login details then you have to use the Asus router reset or factory reset method. For to convert your Asus router or extender in their previous recovered mode. So, For to get reset the router password we have to hold the reset button for 8-10 seconds 

Manual Firmware I only update your Aimesh router/node, if you are one of the aimesh users then be aware that you are using the proper upgrade version of the firmware

How do log in to the range extender device?

Before getting logged in through range extender we have to make sure about their configuration done or not. If the configuration is not done yet then first of all configure them.

Follow these steps to get configure your Asus extender:

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