How do I access the Asus Router Login Page?

Asus Router Login page is the foremost step to get access to your Asus Router configuration settings. You can make changes to the configuration settings only after Login Asus Router.

Although accessing the Asus Router Login Page is not a very tough task but some people may experience difficulties while performing Login. The faults can be internet connectivity, improper connection, or a faulty old router. In this article, we are going to discuss such common issues and share their solutions.

Follow the below Steps for Login Asus Router:-

How to change the default username and password for my Asus Router?

Once you are logged in to your Asus router Login Page, with the other configurations you must also change the Asus Router default Login. This is to strengthen the safety of your Asus Router network to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network.

Follow the below steps to Change the Asus Router default Login:-

How to RESET the Asus Router?

Follow this guide to perform a Factory Reset on your Asus Router. Reset is advised in case you forget your Asus Router username and password and also changed the Asus Router default login. Sometimes, Reset can also help if your Router is creating performance issues.

Following are the troubleshooting steps to Reset Asus Router:


Be mindful that all the customizations will be erased after the Asus Router RESET and won’t be recovered.

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